is a concerns-oriented way of thinking
about IT application and it's value in the healthcare industry
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Defines main drivers and their description. In the next version it will allow to drill down the drivers and check their connections with a particular type of stakeholders.


Prevention of the deceases is the major issues in healthcare and one of the main drivers. It includes a lot of options in such areas as education, prophylaxis, vaccination and etc.


Research is about vast variety of activities. But the final purpose of all of these is to improve people health and quality of life improving gradually products and services.


Improvement is a new stream in healthcare which unites different measures and means helping people to support a high level of health, life quality and to avoid unwilled consequences of peoples’ actions, environmental influence, stressful situations and etc.


The main reason of the rise of the industry and the actual mission of it. It includes numerous options and actions needed to restore peoples’ health and wellbeing. It uses all the possible means and methods that exist. As well, it supports a large number of different processes and functions. That is the main area of patient-doctor and person-doctor interactions. Thus, it is extremely sensitive area for an every person.