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Business case


An approach for business case creation is an algorithm that describes step-by-step adoption of the openHIT reference architecture to fullfil the needs of the particular organization, its specifics and a business model.

Why do we need a distinct approach for the business case ?

At the first look the business cases for HIT for many facilities and providers are well-defined, described by many vendors, associations and obviously by providers themselves. So, why do we need an additional approach for that?

Most of current business cases for the HIT are more like advertisement of the particular technology and approach. It is very hard for particular stakeholder like healthcare provider or insurance company to collect these business cases and compare one with another with regards to it’s own business specifics, capabilities and recourses. Besides, it is quite a challenging task to adopt those business cases for needs and specifics of stakeholders, to find out if there are organizations similar to your that succeeded with this case. Many of such case convincing that there are organizations of same size and with same business model and maturity but there are no parameters to compare if it really fits.

Thus for OpenHIT we decided to define an approach which will help not only to build a business case but also to compare it with others and share it in public.